Our History




December 22, 2006 – June 19, 2014
He will be missed!


Koda devotedly escorted his “mom” to work every day. His cheerful, friendly nature earned him a great many friends – too legged and four. Koda always greeted his special friends with a sniggle (smile and sneeze) and he was well known throughout the Heights.

Koda enjoyed showing customers where the best dog treats were, often indicating his personal favourite with a quick flip of his nose and a direct stare at your face to ensure you understood him. He would often accompany people through the store as they made their selections. He greeted the bouncing puppies and tottering senior dogs with equal composure. Koda loved everyone – people, dogs, cats and kids. At the end of the day, Koda would wait for Paul to “pay” him with a special treat before heading home. He will forever hold a special place in our hearts.



ElmoElmo was part of the “package deal”; he came with the store. We inherited him from the original owners. Elmo’s official position was that of Watch Cat. He sat on the counter and watched – everything. He was already a senior cat and a bit of a curmudgeon, perhaps the original Grumpy Cat. He had an opinion and you were certainly entitled to it. Should you fail to meet with his approval he would swat you with a soft paw to correct your behaviour. Kitten KC managed to meet Elmo’s high standard and was adopted as Elmo’s personal assistant to help Elmo remember where the food and litter were located. They were fast friends who would nap together and eat together. At the grand old age of 19, Elmo passed on the duty of Watch Cat to his dear friend KC.



Jini and April

Van Pet Food Jini April

Jini and April are our two littlest staff members weighing in at 2.5kg and 3kg. Jini means beautiful and April is her daughter, who was born in April 2008.

When they are not wrestling each other around the store, Jini and April can usually be counted on to be sleeping together under the desk in the office.



Nanuk is our part time four legged staff member. His specialty is Customer Service, greeting each and every customer, no matter if they are two legged or four. Nanuk is always happy to see new and old friends. Nanuk was born November 2004.



Vancouver-pet-supply-grooming-home-page-catKC is our youngest staff member at 3 years old (born 2011). He can usually be found sleeping in a box either on or behind the counter.
KC loves to hunt treats that have been thrown down the aisles of the store. He’ll catch them and the only way he will eat them is if he thinks they are dead.
KC is also a great friend to all the rescue cats and kittens that come to the store for adoption. He will nurture the kittens and play with the cats.