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Cateco Self-Drying Litter Box

Although there have been countless attempts to resolve cat litter odour issues, no one has ever gotten to the root of the problem. Until now.


UP TO 86% ODOUR-PROOF: To be tough on odour, you need to be tough on humidity. Traditional cat litter boxes are just that: boxes. Their design does not allow humid litter to dry properly, encouraging the creation and propagation of bacteria and fungus that promote the development of ammonia and other malodorous gases (i.e. thiols or mercaptans). CATECO®’s ConvactiveTM Technology finds humidity and eliminates it, deactivating the biochemical process that creates ammonia. It is clinically proven to reduce odours by up to 86%. Feel free to breathe again!


No PLUGS, NO BATTERIES: No noise, no vibrations, no stress and no problems for you or your pet. No sweat! CATECO®’s ConvactiveTM Technology is passive, which means that it lets physics do the heavy lifting. The convection process it uses to fight bad odour is just an optimization of natural air circulation. That means no plugs or batteries. Oh, and no buzzing or motors either. Refreshing in so many ways!


CLEANER AND MORE ECONOMICAL: A dryer litter box is a cleaner and more economical litter box. Conventional litter boxes aren’t engineered to keep litter integrally dry, which makes them a great hiding-place for bacteria and odour to proliferate on a small but surprisingly pungent scale: even with regular maintenance, litter must be completely replaced every three to four weeks. On the other hand, the ConvactiveTM Technology used by CATECO® creates a dry environment where microparticules that cause bad odours stay inactive, allowing you to use the original litter up to four times longer and making maintenance a breeze. Less litter to replace.

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