Lightweight Instant Action 2.72KG

Lightweight Instant Action 2.72KG


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Tidy's Instant Action LightWeight cat litter traps odour from the start, prevents ammonia odour later AND it's half the weight. That's an instant win.

  • Prevents ammonia odour for 2 weeks, guaranteed.*
  • 50% lighter**
  • Strong clumps; easy cleanup
  • Locks in moisture; powerful odour control
  • Low dust for a clean, easy pour
Natural clay product with deodorizing system.

Pour to a depth of 8cm (3 inches). Remove solids daily. Add more litter to maintain a depth of 8cm (3 inches).

*PRECAUTIONS: Pregnant or nursing women and people with a suppressed immune system should note that a parasite found in cat feces can cause toxoplasmosis. They should exercise caution and consult a physician before handling a litter box. Always wash hands thoroughly after preparing or cleaning the box. This product does not protect users or others against disease causing bacteria. For further information, consult your local public health office.

WARNING: Do not flush waste down the toilet or any other water waste system. Do not use this product as a traction aid. It becomes slippery when wet. Keep the cat box filler away from food preparation. Used litter is not recommended for garden use. Product is filled by weight. Some settling may occur during shipment. Store in a dry place. 

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