Schesir-Tuna Canned Cat Food

Schesir-Tuna Canned Cat Food


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Schesir Natural Tuna Canned Cat Food is rich in Omega fatty acids, which ensure optimal skin and coat health. The tuna used in this formula is responsibly farmed, and ocean friendly. It is light steamed, ensuring maximum nutrient density. Cats love the delicious fishy flavour of this food! This ocean-friendly recipe uses 100% sea water fish.

Only high quality, human grade cuts of fish are used in Schesir Natural Tuna Canned Cat Food. In fact, only the best parts of the fish go into every can. This healthful wet food contains everything your cat needs to live a long and health life, and is ideal for cats of all ages. Available in a case of 14 (85g per can).

Why We Recommend Schesir Natural Tuna Canned Cat Food:

  • Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • A complete and balanced diet for cats of all ages
  • Made with only the best cuts of meat
  • Made with eco-friendly tuna
  • Free from preservatives or added colours

Schesir Natural Tuna Canned Cat Food Ingredients:

Tuna, Rice, Vitamins A & E, Taurine

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