Scratcher Alpine Climb | Catnip

Scratcher Alpine Climb | Catnip

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Scratching is a cat’s natural method of shedding the outer nail layer of their claws, helping to maintain healthy claws and paws.

The OurPets ® Scratch-N-Sniff scratchers provide you cats with the benefits of a regular cat scratcher and the added benefit of micro-encapsulated catnip aroma bursts, made with North-American-grown catnip.  Millions of particles of  micro-encapsulated catnip oil are embedded in the corrugate surface and only release a catnip aroma when your cat scratches to break the capsule.  This means that you do not have to add messy catnip flakes to attract your cat.  Since the catnip aroma is built-in and only activated by scratching, your cat will be interested for longer because the aroma will not fade as quickly as regular catnip.  This way there will always be more catnip for later!

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